Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cupcake Cage

I love this cage.  It is made of chicken wire and
has 3 shelves.  I was looking at it and thinking that
some really pretty cupcakes would be perfect in the cage.
I had to go get my church pews so I asked KK and her friend to
make me 72 cupcakes (because that's how may paper thingy's we had).
Before I could get home to decorate them, a friends 20 foot tall Weimeraner (sp?)
had eaten over half of them from off the counter top. 


Each shelf has its own door that opens.

We had to improvise so we made some little bunts and a small cake.
I only wanted to point out how lovely and unique this cage would be
filled with cupcakes.  Can you see it even with my lack of cupcake decorating skills?

Moss (the dog) is fine.  She had to stay in the yard for SEVERAL hours
but she is none the worse for wear.

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