Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Louisiana Themed Rehearsal Dinner

This past weekend a friend of mine was hosting the
rehearsal dinner for her son's wedding.  Her daughter found
just what they wanted to do for decorations on Pinterest. 
There were lots of helpers and it turned out fabulous.

 These jugs were fabulous and I am going to find some to use
in my rental inventory.  The rest are mason and ball jars of
all different shapes and sizes with rock salt and candles. 
Of course, you can't have this rustic theme without lots of burlap.

Once the candles were lit, this centerpiece was better than
the pictures that Jamie found. 

My idea for the seating arrangement was to have each table represent a
little cajun town.  I have this magnetic chalk board that we used to hold
the seating charts. 

 Each table was decorated with the burlap, tree trunks and candles.
There were plants and little floral arrangements that the florist
took care of.  Martha is the owner of The Flower Shoppe on
North Third Street here in Monroe. (318-325-7885) 
All you have to do is tell Martha what you want or show her a
picture as they did in this case - and it is done. 
I can't say enough about her abilities.

 This "Sweets Bar" was decorated with tree trunks
with glass on the top to hold cupcakes.  Lots of vintage and
mismatched jars for the candy.  Wine corks on sticks had the
names of the sweets and the food on it. 
There was moss and hydrangeas on this table too.

 Little tree trunk, candle and ivy vinyette to block the stairs.

 I have this old chip clip that Jamie used to put all the invitations
to all the showers and parties that the couple had. 
She decorated it with lots of cotton boles. 
I think she did a great job.

We had quite a time hanging all the branches from the ceiling here.
It turned out beautifully though.  Then we hung spanish moss and
tin cans filled with baby's breath and more mason jars
with candles from the branches.  I went out of town the next morning
and didn't see the wedding or reception for the couple
but I just don't know how they topped this. 

They only used my magnetic board and chip/photo clip for this one
but I have tree trunks and slabs and mason jars and will get more. 
I can get Lisa over with her chain saw to cut more if we need to. 
Watching her weild that chain saw was amazing. 

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