Friday, November 25, 2011

Little details

For Desirae's wedding, we ordered 100 vintage hankies on
ebay.  I rolled them up and pinned them with cute little pins,
put them in a basket that I embleshed with ribbon and
bling and added a sign.  This was at the back of the church
and each guest took a hankie and it was theirs to keep.

We took regular candles and embellished them with some
old pearl earrings and lace, added other embellishments
from the craft store and we had the perfect unity
candles for a vintage wedding.

We took some "T"'s from the craft store and embellished them
with old book pages and old songbook pages.  Added a little 
lace and put them throughout the reception.

Any of this can be done for your big event also.
Just ask !!!!

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